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Spaulding High School announces Top 10 students from the Class of 2024

Spaulding High School proudly presents the top ten students from its Class of 2024. The names, arranged alphabetically, are provided below. The valedictorian and salutatorian, whose selection depends on their cumulative grades over the past four years, will be revealed during the graduation ceremony on June 7.

Nadia Belhassad

Nadia Belhassad, daughter of Rosa Torres and Said Belhasssad of Rochester, was accepted to Vassar College, Providence College, Bowdoin College, Babson College, Wesleyan University, University of New Hampshire, Clark University, and Stonehill College. A recipient of the Presidential Scholarship, Nadia will attend Babson College in the fall. She plans to major in Business with a concentration in Marketing. Ultimately, she aims to work in marketing within the beauty, fashion, or product industry.

Nadia is the recipient of the Rochester Institute of Technology Art and Design Book Award and she is a Questbridge College Prep Scholar. Here at Spaulding, Nadia serves as secretary of Class Council and co-president of the Environmental Club. She is also a Career Technical Education Ambassador for the Graphic Design program and a facilitator for Hosting Young Philosophy Enthusiasts. Nadia is a recognized member of the National Honor Society, Spanish Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, and Mu Alpha Theta. Aligning with her future academic and career goals, Nadia has also completed a Graphic Design Internship at Progressive Esthetics boutique in Rochester.

Throughout her high school career, Nadia has volunteered her time at Mary’s Dogs Dog Shelter and worked with local charities to load supply crates for people in Zimbabwe. She also volunteers as a math tutor at Spaulding and has participated in multiple local clean-ups including Rochester Clean Up Day and Blue Ocean Society. On top of all of her involvements, Nadia works as a Customer Service Associate at Market Basket as well as a TJMaxx associate.

When asked to reflect on the most impactful experience of her high school career, Nadia shared, “Taking Philosophy my sophomore year definitely transformed me into a different person. It was during that class that I developed a true sense of self and started to value the thoughts I personally had on life’s big questions. For that class’ final, I researched beauty standards and feminist philosophy and that played a huge role in discovering what I wanted to do in the future. My final paper was on how the business world was changing to promote diversity and the beauty in everybody over unattainable beauty ideals. For the first time, I was excited at the prospect of working for, not against, my personal values in business. I have Mr. Rowley to thank for that. Participating in the annual Hosting Young Philosophy Enthusiasts (HYPE) conferences were also special experiences for me. Philosophy is something I will carry in my life forever, and it was eye opening to meet so many different people with unique perspectives.”

Nadia is deeply grateful for everyone who has helped her on her journey to success, sharing, “I’d like to thank my ETS (Educational Talent Search) advisor Katie Morrison for helping me throughout the college application process. She helped me so much as a first-generation student with parents who have language barriers to apply to college and ensure that I would financially be able to attend. I would also like to thank all the teachers here at Spaulding who prioritize connecting with students and care about their well being. Big thank you to Valerie Dunn, who I interned under at her skincare boutique Progressive Esthetics. The professional experience I earned working for her was truly invaluable, and it was a privilege to learn from someone so successful. Also a thank you to all my friends who made school days ten times more bearable, and my family who was always supportive of me no matter what.”

Lily Breton

Lily Breton, daughter of Jason and Sheila Breton of Rochester, has been accepted at the University of New Hampshire, Merrimack College, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, Saint Anselm College, and Colby-Sawyer College. In the fall, she will be attending the honors program at Colby-Sawyer College, where she plans to major in nursing. Lily strives to one day become a nurse and work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. After finishing nursing school, she hopes to go back to school to become a nurse practitioner.

Lily is the recipient of the Smith College Book award, which recognizes a young woman in the top tenth of her class who exemplifies academic achievement, leadership qualities, and concern for others–all of which Lily embodies. She has been an active member of Student Council since her freshman year, and she is also a member of the National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, and she serves as secretary for the Health Occupations Students of America club. Additionally, Lily has been part of the Health Science Technology program for the past two years, and she will be graduating high school with her Nursing Assistant License as well.

Committed to giving back to her community, Lily spends her summers volunteering at the softball concession stand within Roger Allen Park. Throughout high school, she has also volunteered at Mary’s Dogs in Northwood, and has helped out at local elementary school events including Chamberlain’s trunk or treat, McClelland Elementary School’s Stem Wars, and East Rochester’s game night.

On top of all of her involvements, Lily works at Market Basket, where she started off as a bagger, and has since been promoted to working in the customer service booth. She manages to balance a 25 hour work week with all of her additional responsibilities.

At the beginning of her senior year, Lily was able to participate in an internship through Safe Schools International, a nationwide organization that strives to bring awareness to significant issues that impact teens and schools. She found this to be the most meaningful part of her high school experience, sharing that, “I was selected, along with four other students from across New Hampshire, to help put together and run a conference that highlights one of the topics previously mentioned. We chose to talk about mental health in schools. On the day of the conference over ten schools, including Spaulding, attended the conference and we were able to hear from different school clubs/organizations including the National Alliance on Mental Illness or NAMI, and HOPE squad. When the conference was over, the group was able to debrief and talk about if we wanted to bring something like one of these groups to Spaulding since there was no club that talked about the importance of mental health. The group and I were able to start up a group in Spaulding called the Mental Health Awareness Club (MHAC). I am no longer a part of this club due to other issues but I am so happy that my internship was able to bring an important club to Spaulding and I hope the best for the club.”

Lily would like to thank her family, specifically her dad, her friends, and her teachers for helping her on her journey to success.

Maxinne Cardenas

Maxinne Cardenas, daughter of Christopher and Milgen Cardenas of Rochester, was accepted at Assumption University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and the University of New Hampshire. Maxinne will be attending Assumption University in the fall, where she will be enrolled in their honors program. She plans to study neuroscience on the pre-medical track within the D’Amour College of Liberal Arts and Science at Assumption. Maxinne’s ultimate career goal is to become a doctor, specializing in neurology.

Maxinne is the recipient of the Women in STEM Rochester Institute of Technology Book Award, an AP Scholar, a member of the Latin Honors Society, and she is also the recipient of the Excellence in Latin I and Excellence in Latin II awards. She serves as captain of the Varsity High School Swim Team, where she has been competing for the past three years. Additionally, she has competed in the NHIAA Division I State Championships for all three years.

A devoted swimmer, Maxinne practices six times a week as a member of Club Swimming for the Seacoast Swimming Association and SOLO Aquatics, where she has been competing for the past 10 years. Maxinne has attended swim meets across the country, most notably, the ISCA Summer Senior Blast in St. Petersburg, FL, Senior Championships in Providence, RI, and the 15 and Over New England Championships in Worcester, MA. Maxinne spends most of her free time dedicated to her love of swimming, and she remains dedicated to improvement each day. An accomplished athlete, Maxinne also ran varsity cross country her freshman year, where she was able to compete in the Division I State Championships Meet.

An admired leader at Spaulding, Maxinne serves as Secretary of the Environmental Club as well as Secretary of Latin Club. Through these involvements, she has worked to bring back recycling to Spaulding after it went away due to COVID. She has also helped plan thrift swaps, cleanups, and fundraisers to support her clubs. In Latin Club, Maxinne and her peers were able to raise $200 scholarships for each senior involved! Maxinne is also a member of Health Occupations Students of America and DEI (Diversity Alliance). An active member of Mu Alpha Theta, Maxinne has volunteered her time as math tutor and helped set up the Mathalon for the elementary schools in Rochester. She has also assisted in organizing a trunk or treat for Chamberlain Elementary School, a game night, and teacher appreciation lunches–all through her involvements as a member of the National Honor Society.

When asked to share her most meaningful high school experience, Maxinne said, “Club swimming: Aside from practicing every day and constantly competing, throughout those ten years, I’ve made many friendships and meaningful connections that I’ll cherish forever. There have been plenty of ups and downs, but I’ve always found myself surrounded by supportive friends and coaches. I’ve learned a lot about myself physically and mentally. Those experiences definitely have helped me and will continue to guide me in the upcoming years.”

Maxinne wishes to thank, “My mom and dad for being there for me at my best and my worst, never ceasing to support me. My brother, Matthew, for never failing to make me laugh every day. I would like to thank all my teachers and coaches, especially Coach Bill for never giving up on me, Mrs. Evilsizer for introducing ballrooms to me, and OB who tripped in the basement that one time. Finally, I want to thank all of my friends I’ve made in high school that have made me excited to go every day. Thank you for entertaining me in every class and being there for me. You’ve really made everything worth it in the end.”

Raine Edwards

Raine Edwards, daughter of Rania Mixer of Rochester, has been accepted to the University of Connecticut, University of New Hampshire, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and the Wentworth Institute of Technology. A recipient of the Hamel Scholarship, Raine will go on to study in the Honors Program at the University of New Hampshire in the fall. She is interested in studying in the School of Life Science and Agriculture at UNH, though she may also explore areas of study within the Business School as well. An undeclared major, Raine is undecided on her future career path, but is enthusiastically looking forward to uncovering more of her academic passions in college.

Here at Spaulding, Raine is an admired leader. She serves as president of the Environmental Club as well as vice president of the French Honors Society. Additionally, Raine is a member of the National Honors Society, the National Technical Honors Society, and Mu Alpha Theta. Additionally, Raine is the recipient of the Women in STEM Book Award, which honors her academic excellence in mathematics and the sciences, particularly her achievements in STEM and college-level Advanced Placement courses.

Throughout high school, Raine has dedicated much of her time to volunteerism. She has both hosted and attended local community cleanups, been an active member of the Environmental Club, and she has also helped out at Mary’s Dogs dog shelter. Additionally, Raine has assisted in organizing and running various events at Spaulding track meets, and she also volunteers as a math tutor through Mu Alpha Theta.

On top of her busy schedule, Raine worked at China Palace for over a year. She currently balances her academic and extracurricular commitments with her current job as Starbucks Barista, where she typically works about 15 hours per week.

Raine shared that the most meaningful activity of her high school experience was attending the Advanced Studies Program at Saint Paul’s school in Concord, where she studied Astronomy. This program helped her prepare for senior year as well as for college. Here, she made many lifelong friends, and she was introduced to the importance of academics and surrounding oneself with fellow determined students.

Raine would like to thank, “My Mom, who has done her absolute best in raising her two daughters while trying to navigate her own life as well; My younger sister, Laraine Edwards, who is my built-in best friend and who I will miss the most when going off to college; My best friends and my boyfriend who each came into my life at different times, but are loved so dearly; And Mr. Suoth and Mr. Scopel who not only wrote my recommendation letters for college but have also always cared about my well-being outside of school.”

Savannah Hayes

Savannah Hayes, daughter of Kara Hanks and Glen Hayes of Rochester, was accepted to Plymouth State University, University of Vermont, University of Connecticut, University of Massachusetts Amherst, University of New England, and University of New Hampshire. A recipient of the Trustee’s Scholarship, Savannah will join the Honors Program at the University of New Hampshire in the fall, where she will also be dancing with the UNH dance company.

Motivated to study content that closely relates to her personal experiences, Savannah plans to major in Neuroscience and Behavior: Between her freshman and sophomore years, Savannah received four head injuries, which forced her to transform her life in uncountable ways. Although these concussions have been her biggest challenge yet, they have also ignited a passion in Savannah to explore neuroscience. She looks forward to using her experiences to educate and share her story in order to help, inspire, and guide others who have also faced setbacks. Ultimately, Savannah strives to pursue the pre-medical or pre-health pathways at UNH. She plans to attend osteopathic medical school to become a neurologist, or potentially go on to study occupational therapy.

Savannah is the recipient of the Lasell Book Award for civic engagement. She has also been recognized as a NHIAA scholar athlete. This past fall, her art was entered into the Scholastic Art and Writing competition, earning a silver key and two honorable mentions.

Significantly involved in giving back to her community, Savannah has been devoted to volunteer-teaching an adaptive dance class for the past six years. As one of her most rewarding involvements, this has helped inspire her interest in Occupational Therapy and Behavior. Savannah has also volunteered at Mary’s Dogs and participated in multiple elementary school events including McClelland Elementary’s STEM Wars and reading to students at Chamberlain.

A prominent Spaulding leader, Savannah is a member of National Honor Society, where she served as secretary her junior year and president her senior year. She is also vice president of Student Council, a peer math tutor in Mu Alpha Theta, and a choreographer for the Spaulding Dance Team. Savannah is also a member of Student Leadership, the Student Athletic Leadership Team, Spanish Honor Society, and Educational Talent Search. Taking on the responsibility of filming and photographing during the games, Savannah has also worked as the manager for the football team. While injured and unable to participate in track, Savannah managed the Outdoor Track Team, where she assisted in coaching javelin throwers. She is also a Student Senate Speaker for the monthly school board reports, where she presents information on Spaulding’s events and achievements. On top of it all, Savannah has been dancing at Studio 109 in Rochester since she was 5 years old, where she is a member of the competing performance troupe team.

When asked to recall the most meaningful activity of high school, Savannah recalled, “One particular event that stands out to me as being very impactful is the Waypoint Sleepout I participated in during my junior year with NHS. The weeks prior to the event involved raising funds for youth homelessness, but it wasn’t until the event itself that I truly realized the importance of what we were doing. Waypoint volunteers came to the school to display an interactive simulation of a homeless youth, as well as show videos explaining the detriments and immense struggles of those left without food and shelter. This was an incredibly powerful and eye-opening experience that provoked an abundance of empathy, absolutely changing the way I look at and appreciate life.”

Savannah emphasizes, “My mom has been the most influential person in my life, inspiring me to authentically follow my heart and encouraging me through challenges and successes. My friends and family in general are my biggest cheerleaders, especially my dance family that has always been there, providing an outlet and uplifting space to be in after an academic day. I owe an incredibly large thank you to my teachers, all of which were incredibly supportive.  I want to give a very special thank you to Mr. Taylor Ramsay. You have guided me in making decisions for myself and my life while promoting personal growth and cultivating a space of reassurance and compassion for me throughout high school.”

Hunter Libby

Hunter Libby, son of Amanda Rowell and Kristopher Libby of Rochester, was accepted to the University of New Hampshire, University of Massachusetts Amherst and the University of Connecticut. A trustee’s scholarship recipient, Hunter will be attending the Honors College at the University of New Hampshire in the fall, where he plans to major in Biochemistry. Hunter’s future career goal is to one day become an orthopedic surgeon.

Hunter is the recipient of the Lasell Book Award, which honors students who embody the Lasell University motto, Repulsae Nescia (Ignorant of Defeat). Recipients of this award consistently pursue the greatest version of themselves and never seem to quit. Both tenacious and willing to face a challenge head on, Hunter was recognized for showcasing these qualities both in academics, and through his involvement in sports, clubs, and volunteerism in the community. Hunter is also the recipient of the National Honors Society scholarship, as well the Highest Achieving Football Player scholarship.

A prominent leader at Spaulding, Hunter serves as vice president and community service officer for the National Honor Society, as well as the president of Student Council. He is also an active member of the Student Athletic Leadership Team, Student Leadership, and the Spanish Honor Society here at Spaulding.

On top of all of his athletic and academic commitments, Hunter is also employed as a server at Granite Steak and Grille, where he manages to balance working 10-15 hours a week.

When asked to share the most meaningful activity of his high school experience, Hunter recalled, “National Honor Society, as it was the first real club that pushed me in the direction of the best me. It took me out of my shell and allowed me to do good in the community while keeping academic expectations.”

Hunter acknowledged that he would like to thank his parents, Mr. Ramsay, Mrs. Chapman, Mrs. Saucier, Mrs. Jerr, and his girlfriend, Savannah, for helping him on his journey to success.

Julia McCarthy

Julia McCarthy, daughter of Mjo and Ryan McCarthy of Wakefield, will be attending Middlebury College in the fall, where she plans to study English and Russian. With a particular interest in literature, Julia hopes to teach English and/or Russian at the collegiate level after she graduates from college. She is also considering the possibility of teaching high school English as well.

Julia is the recipient of the Brandeis Book Award for her commitment to community service, political activism, social justice, and volunteerism. She is also the recipient of the Eileen D. Fowley Fellowship Award for her service to the betterment of our community. Julia was the 1st Place State Winner of the National History Day Competition, and she was awarded Best Delegate as well as Outstanding Delegate, both for her exceptional performance in Model UN. Additionally, Julia has been recognized as Best Overall Speaker through Debate Club, and she was honored with the Spaulding Good Citizen Award for her dependability, service, leadership, and patriotism both in school and within her local community.

Julia is a New Hampshire Athlete Scholar, and she has completed programs at St. Paul’s Advanced Studies Program for a class in Forbidden Fictions as well as the Oxford Scholastic Academy for classes in Law and International Relations, Politics, and Leadership. This summer, she will be attending the Middlebury Language School. Here, students take a pledge to not communicate using English for 8 weeks while they learn their chosen language, ending the summer with a year’s worth of experiences and college credit. Julia will be studying Russian during her time there.

As a founding member of multiple clubs at Spaulding, Julia is an invaluable part of the Diversity Alliance, Book Club, Debate Team, and Model UN Team–all of which she has founded as a Spaulding High School student! A modest but prominent leader, Julia serves as president of Mu Alpha Theta as well as captain of the Debate Team and the Model UN Teams, where she organize meetings and fundraisers, teaches new members how to compete, and leads the hosting of Spaulding’s own Debate competitions and internal MUN conferences. Additionally, Julia is an active member of the Environmental Club, National Honors Society, HYPE (Hosting Young Philosophy Enthusiasts), Class Council, Student Leadership, Varsity Girls Lacrosse, Varsity Swimming, and Friends Forever International, where she is both a fellow and alumnus.

Committed to giving back to her community, Julia has volunteered her time as a Haunted Overload Ticket Verifier, First Congregational Church of Wakefield (FCCW) Music Camp

Counselor, and FCCW Team Synergy Youth Representative, where she volunteered with humanitarian projects for Zimbabwe and attended weekly meetings to share the perspective of youth at the church. Julia has additionally volunteered with and for Friends Forever International, working hard to stock and organize at local Gather food pantries, build hygiene kits for homeless shelters, and work with kids at Strafford Learning Center and Camp Lincoln. Through FFI Julia has additionally completed 5 programs including the Nationwide Program and Credit Bearing Programs in Empathetic Debate, Sailing, Winter Adventure Education, and Northern Ireland Cultural Exchange. On top of all her activities, Julia has spent her summers working as a gardener for various community members.

When asked to recall the most impactful experience of her high school career, Julia shared, “The most meaningful activity I participated in during high school was being a part of the Debate and Model UN Teams because they not only helped me develop valuable skills such as leadership and public speaking, but also connected me with an amazing and supportive community of friends, teammates, and coaches.”

Julia would like to thank her parents and her brother Tim, as well as her teacher and Debate/MUN coach, Ms. French for being fundamental supports on her journey to success.

Shannon Moore

Shannon Moore, daughter of Brian and Jocelyn Moore of Rochester, has been accepted to the College of William and Mary, where she will be majoring in Anthropology and considering a minor in linguistics or religious studies. Shannon hopes to go on to earn her PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology and plans to study abroad in South America. Inspired by her teachers, Shannon is also interested in potentially becoming a high school social studies teacher after earning her BA in Anthropology and her MEd in Education. Whichever pathway she takes, Shannon maintains a strong interest in researching and continuing to learn about different people and cultures around the world.

A highly motivated student, Shannon has consistently achieved high honor roll and is an active member of the National Honor Society as well as the Spanish Honor Society. She is also the recipient of the RIT Book Award for Humanities and Social Sciences.

In addition to her academic achievements, Shannon maintains a strong commitment to the Rochester community. She has volunteered at the Rochester Child Care Center, participated in numerous trash cleanups, assisted in organizing community events, and has been an active member of the Spaulding Environmental Club.

A committed worker outside of school, Shannon has been employed at Golick’s Dairy Bar for the past three years–a job she both enjoys and works hard at for 30 hours per week. In her free time, she enjoys reading, shopping, and spending a day at the lake.

When asked about her most meaningful high school experience, Shannon shared, “Second semester of my junior year, I participated in a teaching assistant extended learning opportunity with Ms. Evelyn French. In this ELO, I spent my B block helping out in a Global Studies class, which is mostly freshman. During this time, I saw what it was like being a high school teacher, of course I didn’t experience it to the full extent, not having to deal with meetings or very many issues, but I got to make lesson plans, help out students, grade papers, and overall just help Ms. French out. At the end of the semester, I had to write an ethnography comparing my experience teaching in an American school to different school systems around the world, specifically Chinese and Scandinavian schools. This paper, along with the entire experience of being a teacher in that classroom for 90 school days, provided me with a much better understanding of teaching and learning as a whole, which is obviously very important to me since I’m considering becoming a teacher in the future. It was such a unique opportunity that I got to take part in and I’m very happy that Ms. French was willing to work with me to build the ELO, as I can confidently say it’s been the best experience of my high school career.”

Shannon would like to thank her parents, friends, and teachers, specifically the entire social studies department at Spaulding, recalling that, “Every social studies teacher I’ve had has been so very supportive and kind and I wouldn’t be where I am, going into a humanities field at an amazing school, without their support. Specifically, thanks to Ms. Alisa Eaton, who I had for Global Studies my Freshman year, who urged me to take AP US History, which kickstarted my love for social studies.”

Elizabeth Pyle

Elizabeth Pyle, daughter of Kathryn Sullivan and Jason Pyle of Rochester, has been accepted to Colby College, Bates College, Connecticut College, University of New Hampshire, University of Vermont, Plymouth State University, St. Anselm College, and Skidmore College. She is the recipient of the Porter-Wachenheim STEM scholarship at Skidmore College, where she will go on to major in Biology. Elizabeth hopes to conduct genetic research in her future career.

A modest but prominent leader at Spaulding, Elizabeth serves as president of the French Honor Society, vice president of the Environmental Club, treasurer of Class Council, and historian of the National Honor Society. She also works as an assistant instructor at Corinne’s School of Dance in Rochester, where she has been dancing for the past 15 years. Here, Elizabeth teaches students aged 1-5, and is also a member of the competition team as well as the ballet company.

Aligning with her interests and future career plans, Elizabeth was chosen to attend the prestigious St. Paul’s School Advanced Studies Program in the summer of 2023, a 5-week residential program that allowed her the opportunity to study data science. During her junior year, Elizabeth also completed a familial genetics independent study, where she wrote a scientific research paper about hereditary hemochromatosis, which was published in the Journal of Student Research. Additionally, Elizabeth is the recipient of the Society of Women Engineers Book Award and she is a National Merit Scholarship finalist.

On top of her many academic commitments, Elizabeth has spent much of her time volunteering. She has fostered multiple dogs from Mary’s Dogs in Northwood, where she also works as a volunteer. Additionally, Elizabeth has dedicated her time to the organization Lasagna Love, which delivers homemade meals to families in need. She has also participated in local cleanups with the Spaulding Environmental Club, and is a valued math tutor with the Mu Alpha Theta honor society.

When asked to reflect on the most meaningful experience she has participated in during high school, Elizabeth explained, “My time as a dancer has been incredibly meaningful to me. The community at my dance studio is like a second family, and I have, essentially, grown up with these individuals. Dance has not only allowed me to consistently express myself, but it has also allowed me to practice perseverance, leadership, and kindness. Additionally, I have loved the opportunity to teach dance, as it brings me so much joy to share something that I love with others. I feel that I have experienced so much personal growth through dance, and I hope to continue dancing in college and beyond.”

Elizabeth would like to thank her parents, family, and friends for all of the support they’ve provided her over the years, “I truly could not have succeeded without them. Additionally, I would like to thank all of the teachers that have inspired and encouraged me throughout the past 12 years.”

Trevor Wohlers

Trevor Wohlers, son of Todd and Carol Wohlers of Rochester, was accepted to Worcester Polytechnic Institute, University of Maryland, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the University of New Hampshire. He will be attending Worcester Polytechnic Institute, having received an annual merit scholarship for academic excellence. Trevor plans to pursue a degree in Robotics Engineering and is considering a minor in Computer Science. While he originally planned to go into the aerospace field, Trevor’s focus has since shifted toward the design and integration of complex systems. Despite this, he still holds a passion for space, maintaining the ultimate goal of building robotics for space applications.

Here at Spaulding, Trevor serves as co-president of Mu Alpha Theta, a student group that offers math tutoring to peers who need extra support in math. As co-president, Trevor has tutored multiple students, and he is also responsible for creating all tutoring assignments. Additionally, Trevor is a member of the Spaulding robotics team, where he not only helped to construct the team’s robot, but he also wrote most of their software.

Outside of school, Trevor enjoys fencing, a sport he has been involved in for over 11 years. In his free time, he enjoys watching random science and engineering videos on YouTube to learn how things work.

This spring, Trevor is beginning a paid internship at Intec, where he will work about 24 hours a week throughout the summer. Trevor is the recipient of the RIT Computation book award for his passion and talent for software and computers.

When asked to describe the most meaningful activity he participated in during high school, Trevor shared, “The most meaningful activity I did was robotics, because my participation in the robotics team is what set me on my current path for Robotics Engineering. It was also the first time I felt like I was in a group in school that I really belonged in.”

Trevor would like to thank his parents and family for giving him such a comfortable childhood: He is ever-grateful for their contributions to his early education, always helping to answer any questions he had beyond the material covered in class. Trevor would also like to thank his teachers, “In particular I want to thank Mrs. Quinn for teaching me how to write effectively, Mr. Eberl for helping me get a good internship, and Mrs. Evilsizer for just being an awesome teacher. Finally I want to thank my fencing coach, Chris Pullo, and my mentor for the robotics team, Glen Bailey.”

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